Sonntag, 23. Januar 2011

Nicki Minaj's Run-In with Buckingham Palace Police

Closing out her visit to the UK, Nicki Minaj had quite the eventful evening of press duties and sightseeing in London on Saturday (January 22).
The "Your Love" singer was mobbed by a huge crowd of excited fans as she arrived at BBC Radio 1 for Tim Westwood's show.
Once finished up, Miss Minaj snuck out the side door while deciding to make an impromptu visit to Buckingham Palace - where she and her entourage were ordered back in their cars by Palace Police due to the fact that it's forbidden to stop a vehicle outside the royal estate.
Tweeting about the Buckingham visit, Nicki wrote, "Trying to take a picture by the Buckingham Palace." She added, "Got chased by the police the 1st time but the paps helped us get pics from a different angle of the palace. Lmaoooooooooo. #moment4life"
Continuing to take in all of the must-see sights, the 26-year-old tweeted, "Just left the House of Parliament and saw Big Ben!!! Lmao. Next stop the London Eye! Tim westwood is giving us a tour! Crazy!"
Finally finishing off her London adventure, Minaj closed out by writing to her many followers, "Paris tomorrow!!!!!! New York on Saturday for SNL!!!!!!!!! Tune in u guys!!!!!!!"
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